Monday, July 17, 2017

Hello, this week has been an amazing week with a TON of insanely AWESOME things that happened!!!  So first off Sister Janice passed her Baptismal Interview, so she will be baptized on Saturday the 22nd, we are so excited for her, and she is super excited too!!  Our District Leader, Elder Robinson told me after the interview about something that sister Janice said that was the coolest thing ever!  So apparently he asked about her feelings about the Book of Mormon, because she is like past Helaman in the BoM. Then she told him that she has read so much because she has prayed about it and she knows that it is the word of God, and that it is all true.  It is super cool to hear about when your investigator really is letting everything sink in, especially when she is acting on her own, to really come to know that this is true, I am so thankful for the investigators that are willing to act!!!

This week we also had our first interviews with President Johnson.  It was a super cool experience for me, and I learned so much from him!!  He is such a fun President, and just easy to talk to so I LOVE THAT!!!  He committed me as the trainer to do ALL I can to improve the work in our area.  Then he asked if I was willing to work myself to deathJ  So of course I said “YES!!!” and now I am just doing the best I can to fulfill that promise, and I LOVE the feeling that I get coming home after a packed day of just plain missionary work!!

So when President came up to do interviews, the AP’s and Sister Johnson came up too, so we basically had a mini Zone Conference in Baler…  For only 6 of us missionaries, we had the AP’s give us workshops and training, it was GREAT!!!  So one of the AP’s was assigned in Maria before so they got to come and work in our area!  I seriously love working with experienced missionaries, because there is just SO MUCH TO LEARN!! 

Also this week I was reaffirmed to the Power of Prayer.  It is the best way to get help from heaven, we MUST ask or we aren’t gonna get what we want, so I love that and never ever forget to use prayer in everything!!
This week was the death of my journalJ I filled up the entire thing to the brim!! Its crazy to think that I’ve been out that long to fill up a whole journal, but I did it!!!
I hope ya’ll have a great week!!
Don’t forget to smile and just to improve every dayJJJJJJJ
Thanks for the emails and prayers!!!

LOVE, Elder Alldredge

We liked the cheetah/jungle chairs

Exchanges with the AP's at the Devera house

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