Monday, September 25, 2017

This week was such an awesome week!!  We had Zone Conference in Cabanatuan so we left on Monday to go.  Elder Shmutz was there and he spoke to us a lot which was amazing!  He is in the Area Presidency and he is the one that spoke in last years October General Conference.  The Spirit was so strong in that meeting as he taught us how to better recognize and follow Spiritual promptings, and a lot of other things too.  He is an amazing man of God, and you could feel the power in everything that he said.  But I also realized more that the General Authorities are still people, they still make mistakes, they still have weaknesses, but they have just learned and are continuing to learn from everything that happens to them.  I also heard about President Hinckley that he would never walk away from talking to someone until he learned something new, about anything.  Because he just loved to learn and he knew that everyone had something amazing to share.  some food for thought lang:)

Also I had one of the most spiritual lessons of my whole mission this week.  So we went back to visit Mylene, the one i talked about last week, but she wasn't there, so we walked away and as it started to rain, Mylene was running toward her house, so she told us to wait there and she would come back and we would go to her friends house.  So we went there and started teaching Mylene and her friend Nanay Vergie.  So we shared the whole Restoration, and it was a solid lesson, and she accepted to be baptized, and then I asked again if they had any questions, then Nanay Vergie said "Will I see and know who my daughter is in the next life?" She then went on to explain that about 2 years ago her 22 year old daughter had passed away, and that she had been told that she would see her again but that she wouldn't even recognize her in the next life, and this was really troubling her.  Then we testified with all of our hearts that she would see and know her daughter after this life through living the gospel.  She then put her face in her shirt and was crying for a couple minutes, the Spirit was so strong and then she thanked us so much and asked when we could come back.  I know we were led to her so she could feel the spirit and come to know the truth, i am so excited to share the whole Plan of Salvation to her tomorrow.  Because it is all so true and I know that!

So its been a great week, we were also fed at Costa which is the nicest restaurant on the beach by the Senior couple.  It was awesome!!
I will be sending pictures today, sorry it took so long:)
Thank you all for being awesome, I LOVE YA'LL!!!
Have a good one,

Elder Alldredge
P Day trip

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hey so this week has been a solid week, we had a lot of fun and were able to work quite a bit.  On Sunday we had a miracle that hasn't born fruit yet but it for sure will!!! so i'll tell ya about it.... So we OYM'd this old guy and he was pretty open and said we could come back next time and teach him, so we went back on Saturday to find him drunk laying in his hammock.  So after talking to him for a little while(because sometimes drunk people are fun to talk to:) also you can get a ton of information on people that might be interested in listening to our message, yes we were using that drunk guy to his best potential;) then he told us that someone had asked him for the pamphlet that we gave him, but he didn't know who, cuz he was drunk.  So we left walked about 100 steps and then saw a little path going to the coconut forest, so we felt like we should try it.  So we did and we met Sister Mylene and she was the one who asked for the pamphlet!! So literally we were guided by the Spirit DIRECTLY where we needed to go.  Now we haven't been able to teach her yet, because we didn't have priesthood, but she has read the whole thing now and we will go and teach her in the next couple days.  I LOVE MIRACLES!!!

Other than that we talked to a lot of people, and have a TON of return appointments that we can hopefully get going this week.  We did exchanges with the Baler Elders to get my companion more ready to lead the area, because I might be transferring next week, but i'm not sure yet...  

I have also added something to my personal study that i absolutely LOVE to do!!! I take questions, either my own, my investigators, or even questions that I know is true but looking for scriptural evidence backing it up (ex:What scriptures help us to know that Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are separate?) Then you look up scriptures and you write down everything, feelings, impressions, and awesome scriptures that have really just built my faith.  I believe that this is a very effective way to build our testimony, and it can work with any question we have!! We just have to study it out in our mind and of course with the scriptures and prayer. 

Other than that, I am so sorry that I haven't send very many pictures lately, and that is because I need to buy another USB so my camera doesn't get viruses, its a problem, in the Philippines:)  So we are leaving for Cabanatuan later today so hopefully I can get one there and send a bunch next week.  
In Cabanatuan Elder Shmutz of the Area Presidency will be visiting our Zone Conference, so I'm super excited!! I am also playing the piano piece for the choir and its hard, so if you could prayers are a big help:)
Thanks so much for the emails and prayers!!

Elder Alldredge 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Another week that we spent quite a bit of time in the house, because Elder Ismael still needs to rest.  But the reading is great, i have started reading Jesus the Christ too, so lets just say I have learned a lot.  

I gave a surprise talk yesterday, because the speaker apparently "didn't know" that it was her;) But it was alright it wasn't too long of a time, and I felt like this was for sure all by the spirit.  It was about why do we keep the commandments, now there are a ton of different answer,s like for the blessings, or because God said to and we must follow, or a lot more, but yesterday I focused on obeying the commandments because we love Jesus Christ.  In John 14:15 it says "If you love me, keep my commandments."  So I believe that if we truly love him, if we are truly trying to show that love and appreciation for everything that he did for us, then we will keep all the commandments.  We will do our best to be obedient, because We Love Him.  My testimony about this has grown a lot on my mission, and I have come to love Him so much and am so thankful for Him in my life.  

So we were supposed to go to Cabanatuan on Thursday for the Trainer Trainee meeting, but then on Thursday morning they called us and said that we weren't invited because we are just too far away... so it is now the Cab Fail... sayang:) but its all good we found out that we have an investigator, JR Libunao that has a really strong desire to be baptized, he told us about why he feels he needs to be baptized, and it was super cool!  He didn't come to church this week, but hopefully next week!!!
Also last P-day we went to a hanging bridge across a huge river next to the coconut forest which is next to the ocean.  It was super pretty!!
So ya its been a solid week.
Thank you, for being you, if you are still reading my emails then that means, YOU ARE SUPER AWESOME!!! no seriously you are the best...:)

Elder Alldredge

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

So I am pretty sure this will be the shortest letter of my whole entire mission.  So don't be mad;)  We just didn't do a whole lot...  This week has been a week of learning, a lot of reading, and a lot of extra time, which is not the normal missionary way.  This past week President Johnson told us we needed to rest because Elder Ismael has been hurting and he really just needs to rest.  So we have only been working at nights, and with that it isn't for very long.  So lets just say I have had some extra time to study.  Which is basically what I used all that time for.  I have been reading the New Testament in extra time, and learning more of Jesus, which I have LOVED!!!  Also I am doing my best to keep my companion from getting super bored, so ya its been a good time:) 

We had exchanges with the Baler Elders too, and that was fun, we were able to walk through a huge rainstorm in the middle of the bukid, and I was soaked:) When the rain is like that, the umbrella is basically pointless!!!

So I'm so sorry for the lame email, but next week will be better, hopefully:)
Love you all!!! And thanks for the emails, and prayers!!!

Elder Alldredge
P Day trip to Mother Falls

Monday, August 28, 2017

So this week has been a HUGE learning week, like I have learned a TON!!!  I have been reading a lot of scriptures, mostly from Jacob 5, which I spent most of the week studying… That takes some time for sure to understand, but I think I get some of it nowJ This is one of my favorite verses from it.  This is what I am seeking to do everyday, as a missionary this is the mindset, and the Lord is with us, "He will be on our right hand and our left, and His angels round about us to bear us up."  I love this promise and this is the goal every hour of everyday, "obey in all things of the Lord with our might."
Jacob 5:72 And it came to pass that the servants did go and labor with their mights; and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them; and they did obey the commandments of the Lord of the vineyard in all things.

Also we were supposed to have a Level 2 typhoon hit Aurora on Friday.  But it really only rained pretty hard:(  But anyways we have been taking it easier this week to hopefully get my companion more fully recovered, so ya we are still working on that!

So we had a BAPTISM this week!!! Nanay Virginia Ronao was baptized on Saturday and it was an AMAZING baptism!!  After we all got to the church in Baler, took pictures, listened to some solid talks about baptism, then me, Elder Robinson, and Elder Obena all got in the font with Nanay Virginia and baptized her.  I was the voice, and the other two missionaries just helped make it way easier on Nanay to stand back up, because she is still recovering from a stroke.  And it was a SUCCESS!!! Me and Elder Robinson are now experts at baptizing disabled people that need more than one person to baptizeJ We have done it two times this month, and we are 2/2 ;)  But I think after the baptism might have been the best part for me.  Nanay bore her testimony and told how she has recovered so much quicker since the missionaries came. Miracle… She told how she really needed to know what was going to happen in her life, if she would die or not, and then Tatay Danny offered if the missionaries could come and teach her how to come unto Christ that very day!!  Miracle… She also told about the night before the baptism that she prayed with all her might, the the typhoon would go away so she could be baptized.  And it DID!!! Miracle…The power of prayer is real and she testified boldly of her testimony of that.  She is rock solid and loves to hear us teach her, and usually just wants us to come back soon so we can teach her more. So it has been a big growing experience for me to teach her and we are hoping that someday soon her whole family will gain that desire too.     

Also we got to go to Mother Falls this morning, it is a HUGE waterfall, and it was a super pretty hike up to it, crawling over rocks and stuff next to the riverJ
So thanks for the emails and prayers!!

Elder Alldredge
Okay, so Kyle never did say how big the swordfish was, but yes we were definitely expecting a bigger "trophy fish" that would belong on the wall.  Very cool story anyways and ugly looking fish!

Monday, August 21, 2017

This week was a solid week, not quite as exciting as last week;) Sorry about that, but it is hard to beat all that happened last week!!  So first off just so everyone knows, my companion Elder Ismael is back and he is doing really well recovering from surgery.  We still have to take it a bit slow but he is doing well and is happy to be back.  But I was able to go pick him up from Tarlac, so that was super fun! We left Wednesday afternoon and got to Cabanatuan that night, then we bought root beer and ice cream and had root beer floats, sobrang masarap!! I don’t get stuff like that all the time okJ  Then we went to Tarlac and picked up Elder Ismael and another Elder’s new companion in Baler, then we took the 2 hour bus ride to Cabanatuan and then the 4 hour bus ride to Baler.  So it was a pretty exciting couple of days!

Yesterday at church we had 3 investigators at church, which was a little bit of a let-down because we had 7 that told us they would come, but hey it’s all good! I know that we can help them come to church this next week!!  One new investigator, brother JR came to church and then even worked with us and some members after church!! So that is just plain AWESOME!!! Then Nanay Virginia came to church, and she also had her Baptismal Interview which she passed on Saturday, so her baptism will be this Saturday!!! She is super excited and we are pumped for her.  She really has changed so much, she told us a story about her progress and how she has changed.  She said that one day a couple months ago she was praying that either God would take her life, or he would show her the way that she needed to go.  Then Tatay Devera came later that day, and asked her if she wanted us (the missionaries) to come and share to her.  So then she has progressed so much physically and spiritually.  She couldn’t even walk before, and now she even climbs the stairs at our church.  Before she didn’t know God’s plan for her, and now she does, she knows where she is going and how to get there.  This is such an amazing story, and will change her for eternity, I LOVE this Gospel!!!!!

Also last P-day we taught the Chief of the Borlongan tribe again, and we taught 11 people the Plan of Salvation.  Then we had a bunch of them asking if it was ok for them to be baptized, and how their family could be baptized too.  It is super cool, but the problem is that they are super far away, and they don’t have the money to get to the church.  But the Elder’s in Dipaculao are doing their best now to help the tribe out, so hopefully that is all able to happen for these people!!!
It’s been a solid week and I have learned a lot! I would for sure recommend reading the book “Believing Christ” if you have the chance buy it, read it, and you will be amazed!  One thing I learned from it is that it is different to Believe in Christ than to Believe Christ. Now you have to read it to find out the restJ

Well I love you all and thank you so much for the prayers and emails!!!

Love, Elder Alldredge

Catching up on the sleep in a jeepnee!

Borlongan Tribe Community

Monday, August 14, 2017

This week has been one of the most crazy/fun/exhausting/completely awesome week of my whole entire mission!!!  So last P-day as we were chilling by the beach looking at the waves crashing in we saw a bunch of Filipinos pulling on a HUGE rope that went out into the ocean, so we asked around about it and found out that a couple thousand feet out there was a net of fish.  So of course we decided to help them out!!! So we go and start pulling these ropes and after like 15 minutes the net was getting real close.  Then they saw this swordfish jump out of the net into the free water, so this guy ran into the water and somehow grabbed this swordfish so it wouldn't get away, then he ran back on shore and threw it on the ground, afterwhich a kid tried to take it and Elder Robinson heard him say "Hindi para sa mga foreigners yan!!"  then after they took in all the fish and they were distributing them to the people, then that same guy brought the swordfish with the 3 other biggest fish and threw them at our feet... This is the Filipino culture, they will give all, they are the nicest people ever, and even in their "hanap buhay" or finding food to put on their table at night, they will give some random foreigners the 4 Biggest fish!!!  This is one HUGE reason why I LOVE the Philippines, i LOVE the people, and I LOVE the culture, it amazes me how people can be so giving and Christ-like.  So we told them we couldn't take it and all we want is some pictures with the swordfish, then we gave it back to them.  But this literally is the Filipino people, and I am so grateful to be able to serve in such a beautiful land with such amazing people!!!

So if you think that was the only amazingly cool thing that happened, you are wrong:) To be short and to the point, we went to Borlongan and taught a Chieftan of a tribe, who also came to church on Sunday, and bore his testimony there in Dipaculao!!!  So this Chieftan was a referral of a member in Baler,and he had been given a Book of Mormon before we went last Thursday.  And this happened because we had exchanges with the Dipaculao Elders to go and teach this Chieftan.  He is an amazing man and is ready to receive the gospel, the only problem is that it is far away! Like way far!! Like we are pretty sure that we went the farthest any missionary has ever gone there while proselyting!! Also he told us not to work there, by going house to house, because he will just bring people for us to teach, so we just sit and he will bring them all, hopefully that happens soon, but this just shows how ready and willing these people, and especially this Chieftan is to be taught. So yes I can now say I have taught a Chief of a tribe;)

Also we had a baptism on Saturday, it was Tatay Jimmy Prado and he is from San Luis.  The cool thing about this is, that about 2 months ago our whole district worked in San Luis to help them out a bit... Then me and Elder Ismael found Tatay Jimmy!! We taught him the Restoration, and he has gone to church ever since!! Then I am now in a trisome with San Luis so I got to help baptize him!!! Which was an amazing experience, because all 3 of us got to baptize him!  He is crippled and has to us a wheelchair.  So my job in the font was to make sure he got all the way under, but when the time came for him to go under he couldn't grab his nose, so yes that became my job:) hahaha it was an AMAZING experience, and I am so happy and excited for Tatay!!!

So yes its been a crazy week, we have worked in 4 different areas this week, and will continue to do that until transfers where we hopefully get some more missionaries here in Baler!!!  Also Elder Ismael is recovering well, but he is still in Manila.  Maybe a week or two more then he will be back!!
Thanks for all the emails and prayers!!!

Elder Alldredge