Monday, January 15, 2018

Lets just say we were quite busy this week.  Heres a little run-down of everything that happened.  
On Tuesday morning we went to tarlac, we had exchanges with the AP's and I was with my MTC companion again, Elder Zacchilli!!!!! It was such a party and I learned so much from him and the other AP.  It was so fun to work with him again.  We seriously had a TON of lessons, we were basically teaching the whole afternoon and into the night.  We taught this one new family, and in their little house I felt like the Spirit was so thick in between those walls.  It was amazing to see the Dad of the family so thick.  It was especially cool when we asked about if he had plans for his children in life.  He said yes like most people do, and then he said "and I hope and pray they they are fulfilled."  Then i asked him if he thought Heavenly Father felt that way too...  Then he teared up and basically bore a testimony about why that was true.  I love the Spirit, and I love this man and all the people here!! So after an awesome day of work in Tarlac we came back to their house and Elder Zachilli got out his notebook from the MTC, about all of our Tagalog sentences we made and taught with back then.  Me and him were DYING laughing for like 30 minutes at how bad our Tagalog was back then:)  It was such a fun exchange!!

So when we came back we had District Meeting where I gave a surprise workshop, but it turned out alright...  THen we had exchanges with the Kalikid Elders.  This was another super cool day as me and Elder Galia, my old kabahay(house mate i think...:)  We had another cool experience, where the Dad asked us why is this world so full of bad things, and crazy all the time.  Elder Galia shared with him 2nd Nephi 2:11 about opposition in all things, and they felt the spirit very strong as well, i know that!  So amazing to testify of truth and let people know all the blessings that can come from living the true doctrine.  

Then on Friday we had a SUPER AWESOME Zone COnference, and i learned a TON about being bold, using scriptures, and lots more of course.  So that has also helped a lot in teaching.  I am not afraid at all anymore to tell our beliefs and prove it through the scriptures, it really changes lessons, it has changed peoples attitudes towards the doctrine as well, pretty cool stuff!

Then on Saturday we had interviews with President Johnson.  But he was like 30 minutes late, so me and Elder Guia went on a mini 30 minute split with the Bongabon Elders, and we had the 30 minute New Investigator Challenge.  We both came back 30 minutes later having each taught 1 lesson to a New investigator.  This just proves how awesome Filipinos are:) Super Fun Week!!!
Well i love ya'll!!!
Thanks for prayers and emails!!!
LOVE, Elder Alldredge

On splits with a member off into the darkness.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

It has been a week... thats for sure...:) :) :)
This week was full of spiritual experiences, but also some sad stuff happened.  Well to get the sad stuff over with for ya'll;););)  The 2 baptisms that should be happening this weekend told us that they don't want to investigate the church anymore, there are some other reasons and things why, but it was just sad to hear someone turn down the blessings that would be theirs so soon.  But it is not all over thats for sure!!! I KNOW that someday when they are older and can choose for themselves, and don't have pressure of parents and siblings they will choose Christ in their lives.  I can honestly say that this week has been one of the most important weeks of my entire mission.  Because I know more that ever before that God loves me, that God loves these investigators, and that God loves every single person that we talk to.  I knew that before, but this week, i could especially feel it.  And I believe that knowing that simple thing, can change a life, can lift someone up no matter what happens.  Thats why in basically every lesson I let the people we teach know that God loves them, He is there for them to help whenever they need.  I also know I only came to know this through prayer, lots of it this past week... So even though it was a medyo hard thing, I learned and I am thankful for this past week!!!!

We also had an MLC/DLC with all the ZL's DL's and STL's in the whole mission.  It was awesome!!!  We learned how to help struggling missionaries, investigators, and how to teach other people in our District/Zone and everything.  It was mostly so cool to see basically everyone in my batch from the MTC, all the older people in the mission, haha thats so weird to say:) 
We had someone clap for a testimony in Fast and Testimony meeting... That was super interesting:)  They weren't members so they didn't know that wasn't a thing.  But ya it was funny and weird to see... haha
But anyways, love ya'll, thanks you for being you, cuz you the best!!!

Elder Alldredge

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

So lets just say these past two weeks have been a CRAZY/FUN/PARTY/EXHAUSTING weeks!!!!  
So for the past two weeks we have done some really awesome stuff.
-We had a Christmas Party for the Palayan Branch.  So fun and we got a TON of referrals and New Investigators because of it!!!  Which was a HUGE help to our work.

-We had a Zone Conference Christmas Party and it was super spiritual and fun to see half the mission and just chill, play some games, watch the Grinch:) BOO YAA, it was a good time!!!

-We have had Lockdowns on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and tonight for New Years.  We heard a TON of fireworks especially last night, it was crazy!! Then the nice members brought food to our house:) Its the best, i love it.................

- Oh and I talked to the FAM!!! Doesn't get much better than that:)

So this past week we had some really cool experiences in the work.  One of which was with Sister Rose again.  We had taught her about the Word of Wisdom one day, then committed her to keep it, she said she would try her best, and pray really hard to be able to do it.  And we came back a couple days later and she was super excited about it, that she was keeping the Word of Wisdom!! MIRACLE!!!

Another Miracle is still in the process of happening, but the Sawasi family came to church again!!! Also Tatay is really struggling with a Word of Wisdom problem, but we are visiting him lots, and trying to help him get rid of it, he is all on board, but his work friends are just the biggest temptation for him... But we know that anything is possible, and we know that Tatay Abelino can do it!!  It is the only thing in the way of that whole family being baptized, we pray for him all the time, it might take a while, but IT WILL HAPPEN!!! Because Christ is on our side, and Tatay's side, And with Christ Tatay Abelino can overcome this thing, and do all things just like all of us!!! Philippians 4:13...
So because its 2018 lets share the gospel more:) because why not!?!?
pray for it, look for it, follow the prompting, share it... it'll change your life and theirs!!!
Love ya'll!!!

Elder Alldredge

Here are some pictures from our Skype with Kyle!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Its so crazy that Christmas is so close again!!!  So I was wishing it would feel a little bit like Christmas last week, and then it came true:) It has been "cold" this past week... For all the Filipinos they are all freezing, but all the American missionaries are loving life, its great to have a break from maybe 100 degree weather and probably go down to only 80ish... it must be close to Christmas:)

The miracle of the week was that the Sawasi Family came to church!! Their whole entire family!!! Seriously I can't explain the joy... We had taught them a couple of times last week, and then they followed through on Sunday.  Idk why but seeing a whole family come to church as investigators is like the next level joy!!!  And Tatay Abelino has been practicing praying a lot, but he told us on Saturday night, "I'm getting better at this prayer thing, next time i'll be even better!!!" Then he told us in Sunday School after we all shared at the front of the room something that we learned, he said, "I just need to do that a few more times to get more practiced up, to become good at that!"  So this Tatay he really has a desire, he wants to improve, and even though he struggles to read, and isn't the fastest thinker ever, but he loves the doctrine, especially about the Celestial Kingdom, thats his favorite... SO COOL!!!

The other miracle lesson was with Bernard Guiado.  So we went yesterday afternoon and he was there, so we shared a short lesson to him about prayer.  He is 27 years old and he is super spiritual, he talked all about prayer, and why we need it even when there isn't trials, and that we can pray anywhere.  Its super cool to see someone who really knows why its important, i felt the Spirit so strong! Then he told us sorry that he didn't come to church on Sunday, because his boss had him work because it is close to Christmas, so he promised us to go to church in January... We are so excited for him to progress, he really is so prepared!!!  And we testified of that to him, God's plan is perfect, and part of that plan for him is coming to know the gospel through the Spirit, and the message we carry as Representatives of Christ.  

Well it was a a solid week, super work hard, all out week, so much fun to work, just doing our best to spend the most time as we can in front of people, because thats the only way missionary work gets done.  I learned this week also while preparing for a talk that we should do our best to become like the Shepherds... to come with haste to Christ, not walk slow and give a half effort, but with haste and with all effort we have.  And also to make it known abroad to all people!!! Thats why I'm happy to be a missionary, because others become happy through Christ and his message and I get to carry that every single day.  Its good to be a missionary:)
Merry Christmas!!!  
Love, Elder Alldredge

We helped these people tie the straw type things, its called Cogon and it is for the roof of their hut houses.

The Sawasi Family came to Church!

Monday, December 11, 2017

So this week was Crazy busy!!! We were all over the place with two exchanges with District Leaders, one of them was a 5 hour bus ride away through the mountains... But hey I got to pass by my old area, Maria!!! So that was super cool!!

Now I will tell you that we have 2 investigators, Veronica and Eloisa that have finished or are in Moroni about to finish the Book of Mormon.  To add to that we have been teaching them for just over a month...  Lets just say they know its true and they are super excited to be baptized on January 6th.  Its amazing to see the desire of 2 teenage girls, who really are so into the gospel.  I was able to look through their BoM and there were literally markings all over the place, wow i know they were prepared of God to recieve the Gospel at this time.

I was able to interview Nanay Leticia from Dipaculao.  She had a stroke and can't walk very well at all.  But her testimony seriously strengthened mine so much!! So she testified about repentance and Jesus Christ to me and how she know that he lives, so powerful! Then I told her after she answered all the questions that she was "magaling" which means very good. Then she said I am not magaling, God is magaling, He gives me strength, He gives me knowledge, and He loves me.  WOW i was like hit by the spirit brick wall, seriously her testimony was so sincere, and it really is incredible to be able to tell someone that they will be baptized, that they are ready to follow the example of Jesus Christ, the greatest invitation that we give as a missionary... that is to Follow Jesus Christ...

Another miracle was Rose again, she has just miracle after miracle happening:)  So a member was supposed to pick her up and go to church with her.  But the member kind of didn't do it, but because Rose was so determined to go, she came all by herself.  Its amazing the feeling you get when an investigator enters the doors of the church, the joy that comes, its the Best:)  And only a missionary will ever know that feeling, its good to be a missionary.....
Ya'll are the best for always sending emails and prayers my way:)
Love, Elder Alldredge

We found some tanks!

Kyle and Elder Leone from Cali on exchanges

This is their church.  Yes, that is the parking garage on the bottom.

Picture of Zone Conference

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

So first off my email is late because yesterday when we started to email, there was a Brown Out, or the electricity went off, so we got permission to email today....

This week was packed full of miracles while teaching lessons.  Me and Elder Guia are starting to figure out how to better connect and what to do to be guided by the spirit to have miracles in lessons everyday!!!! One thing to start is talking way too much, i realized that was one of my problems and we have made it a goal to make it more of a gospel conversation so the spirit can teach them truly what they need to hear, sometimes from their own mouth......  which has been AMAZING!!!!  President also taught us in Zone Conference TONS of things which we are applying now, and it truly is working!!! Our investigators have had a different response this week, and I feel its cuz we are trying our best to let the Spirit guide the lesson, which is the only way to teach...

So one miracle was with our investigator, sister Rose Biag.  We visited her on Wednesday afternoon and taught her, but truly we didn't really teach, we asked questions to start and because of that she told us that she had come to know for herself that the Book of Mormon was true through prayer.  She also told us of a dream she had about 2 months ago, before we visited her.  She told us that she entered into a church, but she didn't know where, as she entered it was dark, but then she saw people in white waiting to shake hands at the door before she entered.  When she entered the room began to lighten, and it became very bright, where she heard singing, and the sacrament was passed too in her dream.  While she told us this the spirit was so strong.  Then she told us that when we came and visited her the first time, thats when she remembered her dream again, because of the people in white shaking hands;)  Then we testified that it truly was an answer from God, and that He loves her.  It was one of the most powerful lessons of my mission for sure, and I know that Miracles are REAL!!!

We also had one investigator, Sister Veronica who bore her testimony in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday!! She is 14 years old and is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy, she is at least in the middle of Alma right now, and she marks it all up.... She testified of the Book of Mormon and how she came to know it is true through prayer also, wow that was such a cool thing to see!!!

Also if you want to read about an amazing group of people read Alma 24!!! I have been studying that for the past couple of days and these people went from a people that only wanted to kill Nephites, to a people who would not even lift up a sword against an enemy coming to kill them.  They did this to not let their swords become stained again, they laid down their weapons(sins) and HID them away, DEEP in the earth, something we should all strive to do with sin.  Are we giving up our "Weapons of War" every day??"  And they did this as a Testimony to God at the last day. And what will be our Testimony to God at the Last Day?? something to think about:)
Thanks for all the emails and prayers!!!
LOVE, Elder Alldredge

Kyle finally got a camera and just in time for some amazing pictures of his zone and area!

We are glad this structure is sturdier than it looks!