Monday, July 17, 2017

Hello, this week has been an amazing week with a TON of insanely AWESOME things that happened!!!  So first off Sister Janice passed her Baptismal Interview, so she will be baptized on Saturday the 22nd, we are so excited for her, and she is super excited too!!  Our District Leader, Elder Robinson told me after the interview about something that sister Janice said that was the coolest thing ever!  So apparently he asked about her feelings about the Book of Mormon, because she is like past Helaman in the BoM. Then she told him that she has read so much because she has prayed about it and she knows that it is the word of God, and that it is all true.  It is super cool to hear about when your investigator really is letting everything sink in, especially when she is acting on her own, to really come to know that this is true, I am so thankful for the investigators that are willing to act!!!

This week we also had our first interviews with President Johnson.  It was a super cool experience for me, and I learned so much from him!!  He is such a fun President, and just easy to talk to so I LOVE THAT!!!  He committed me as the trainer to do ALL I can to improve the work in our area.  Then he asked if I was willing to work myself to deathJ  So of course I said “YES!!!” and now I am just doing the best I can to fulfill that promise, and I LOVE the feeling that I get coming home after a packed day of just plain missionary work!!

So when President came up to do interviews, the AP’s and Sister Johnson came up too, so we basically had a mini Zone Conference in Baler…  For only 6 of us missionaries, we had the AP’s give us workshops and training, it was GREAT!!!  So one of the AP’s was assigned in Maria before so they got to come and work in our area!  I seriously love working with experienced missionaries, because there is just SO MUCH TO LEARN!! 

Also this week I was reaffirmed to the Power of Prayer.  It is the best way to get help from heaven, we MUST ask or we aren’t gonna get what we want, so I love that and never ever forget to use prayer in everything!!
This week was the death of my journalJ I filled up the entire thing to the brim!! Its crazy to think that I’ve been out that long to fill up a whole journal, but I did it!!!
I hope ya’ll have a great week!!
Don’t forget to smile and just to improve every dayJJJJJJJ
Thanks for the emails and prayers!!!

LOVE, Elder Alldredge

We liked the cheetah/jungle chairs

Exchanges with the AP's at the Devera house

Monday, July 10, 2017

This week was a stellar week highlighted with Zone Conference, President Johnson, and church on Sunday.  So Zone Conference is always such a fun time!  All of us in the Baler Zone went down in a members car, so that was niceJ Then we stayed the night at some Elder’s house in Cabanatuan, and went to Zone Conference the next morning.  So we got there and they started with handshakes with the new mission president.  So usually I go play the piano and after about 2-3 songs everyone is done shaking hands with President, but not with President Johnson, hahahaa I seriously played over 10 hymns before he finishedJ He is hilarious and was making all the missionaries laugh and it was so different!!  But anyways I am super excited about President Johnson!! He is from Seattle area, he served a mission in Manila, Philippines, he is 66 years old, but he has the energy of a person a lot younger;) It’s awesome!!!

On Sunday me and my companion experienced a HUGE Miracle!!! It was at church, and my companion had finished his talk, and I stood up to talk, and my talk was going ok, and then after about 2-3 minutes we had 3 investigators walk in the door!! I couldn't help but just smile so big, because I LOVE THAT FEELING!!! It is seriously just pure joy when an investigator decides to come to church, and when they enter in the door, oh I think that might be my very favorite part of missionary work!! After they walked in i don't know what it was but i just kind of felt empowered, like the spirit was there so strong, just drilling me right in the chest, I really didn't follow my plan for my talk very much after that, it was totally all the spirit, and i think that is my first talk in sacrament meeting that that has happened to me... It was an amazing experience!! So the investigators that came to church were Sister Janice who will have her baptismal interview on Saturday, and also her Aunt, Nanay Verginia who is paralyzed on her arm and recovering from a stroke last year. Let me tell you I have seen the physical progress in the 2ish months we have been teaching Nanay Verginia, and now on Sunday she was able to come to church!!! She was even able to climb up the stairs to get to our church, MIRACLE... So now we will continue doing everything that we can to get them ready for their baptisms! They told us yesterday in the lesson that they will keep doing everything to be ready, they are Excited, and so are we!!!

So those are the biggest things that happened this week, and ya I’m just excited right nowJ A couple investigators are progressing, and we are working hard to help this branch out!
One thing that I learned from President Johnson that I thought was super cool!  He taught a way for personal study, in the Book of Mormon a pattern that I really like.
TRY IT!!! It is a super good way to do personal study, and I have really had some solid spiritual experiences from doing it!  But I’m gonna keep doing it cuz I’m not that good at it yet, but ya I like it so far!!
Oh and we played football on the beach last p-dayJ too bad only 2 of us actually knew the rules;) hahaha but they learned pretty quick and it was a blast!!!
Thanks for all the emails, and the prayers!!!

Elder Alldredge

 Those pics of us was on the way back from Zone conferrence. haha yes thats elder robinson;) he is hilarious..
 that kid is my favorite kid here in maria!

a view from the door where i personal study on pdays:)

Monday, July 3, 2017

This week has been a solid week, and let me tell you I have learned a ton this week!! Idk what it is with having an anak but I feel like I learn more and more every single weekJ  So nothing super crazy happened this week, but it has just been a good, happy week of missionary work!! So here is 3 things that I learned or relearned over again…
1: All of us have Spiritual Gifts and it is up to us to find out what they are and to use them and develop them in the very best way that we can! 
2: The Spirit REALLY DOES give you the words to say IF we trust in him to do it!! I love this and I have been able to feel the spirit more in the lessons, so I LOVE THAT!!!
3: I still have not figured out why I am seriously SO BLESSED!!! It is insane hearing stories of members and their families and all the things that happen to them in their lives. Lets just say we are blessed to live where we do, and I just hope to never ever take that for granted because it is a HUGE Blessing!!

The Maria Branch had 54 people at Church, and we are getting more attending classes every week! Which is super encouraging!! Because a lot of times the members will just leave after Sacrament meeting, but when they actually attend classes, church is so much better!! So I LOVE the change that I am seeing in the members there;)

One cool story that happened while teaching the Word of Wisdom to Nanay Verginia and sister Janice.  So we taught the lesson and we hadn’t even committed them yet, but Nanay was like “OH ok I get it, well then I should probably stop drinking coffee, and stick to milk and Milo instead!”  Hahah it is pretty cool to see someone just get why these things are important to do, and how it can improve their lives…  Our investigators are so cool!! We are just hoping and praying that they keep improving and progressing towards Baptism!!

Also I gave a workshop and I found a super cool quote from the 4th Missionary, It said ”Our Greatest Work, Our most important Creation is and ever will you.”  I love this and its so true, when all is said and done it is all about who we become, SO COOLJ
Also I baked cookies again for District Meeting in our oven;) I think we are like the only apartment in the mission that have an oven… ahhaaha
I hope ya'll have a great week!!!

Elder Alldredge
Ashelle's baptism at the Parang River

Baler - P-Day before transfers

Elder Alldredge and Elder Ismael

Member's beach house in Baler

Elder Alldredge and Elder Ismael

Baler beauty!

Monday, June 26, 2017

This week has been a solid week of learning and trying to do my very best to help out my anak or my trainee.  He is a good missionary and is working hard to learn and get down the lessons and everything to say, also he is super hard working on language study for his English speaking skills!  He is so much ahead of what I was as a trainee, so it’s not hard at all train him, and we have a good time while we work so that’s always goodJ

This week we were able to experience some AMAZING miracles and also some downs, of course just like all weeks;)  So one of the things that happened was the Rosel Family.  So we were walking down the road one morning and a girl from across the street yells “Elders!” and waved us over to them.   So we went over there and she was like “I’m a Mormon” and I told this family all about Joseph Smith and they want to listen to your message, so we were pumped of course, and we taught them.  It was a super awesome lesson, where the Spirit was so strong, and they had questions and it really was just plain SOLID!!!  Then we extended a Baptismal Invitation, and they said “ya if we truly come to know that it is true then we will!”  So that was amazing, we left and I seriously felt overwhelming gratitude for being in the right place at the right time for this family.  And they were not able to come to church on Sunday, so hopefully next week!

We had 48 people at church on Sunday and one of them was our investigator, Sister Janice.  This is her 2nd time to come to church and she is progressing SO WELL!!! I asked her where she was at in the Book of Mormon and she said “Somewhere around page 400 in Alma.” Haha I was completely shocked, and its amazing to see her progress like that!

Last Wednesday our whole Baler District went and worked in San Luis, because they were struggling a bit with investigators, so we had huge expectations for that day, to get a ton of new investigator, and help their area out.  So me and my companion went finding and we taught Tatay Jimmy, he can’t walk but he told us about how he used to be taught by the missionaries and would have gone to church, but he couldn’t walk there.  So we told him that the San Luis Elders would pick him up on Sunday and he was like “ya that’d be great!”  So they picked him up and he really went on Sunday…….. miracle…….

We did a CSP on Thursday to a part member family in our ward and we got to shovel a bunch of dirt to build up the foundation for their house.  It felt super good to do some dirty work just like the good ole construction days;)  Also I got pretty wet in the hot Philippines sun…
Last P-day we went and chilled at the beach house of a member with some other missionaries and ate pineapples… livin the life in Baler zoneJ 
Also I am trying to learn Ilocano… I have some members and investigators that are teaching me, so it’s super fun!  Its surprising to Filipinos when they hear an American speak Tagalog, but when an American speaks Ilocano they are super surprised, its hilarious;)
Thanks for all the emails and prayers!!!

Elder Alldredge

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hello Hello Hello!!!
This week has been a super exciting and also very nerve racking weekJ  So first off we had a BAPTISM!!! I was able to baptize Sister Ashelle Infante and she is 12 years old and then she was confirmed on Sunday.  So the baptism was awesome because it was my first baptism in a river!!! It was pretty sweet, we did it at Parang river which is near our house.  We had about 10 of us there, and we had 2 solid speakers and then the baptism, it was a super good day!!!

On Sunday there was 51 at church, but it was cool because we actually had quite a few less active members come to church, and some of them even brought friends that aren’t members!  So we had a miracle happen on Sunday which was amazing!!  So we were waiting and getting ready the church to start, then a girl walked in that I recognized but I didn’t know where from, then she pointed at me and told her cousin(that is a member) “oh that’s him!”   Then she came up and we talked for a minute and come to find out that I had OYM’d her on my very first P-day here in Maria Aurora.  So that was like 2 months ago!!! And now she came to church, so that was SO SWEET!!! So this week we are going to go to her house and teach her for sure!  I love miracles, and they really are everywhere if you just look for them!!!

Also sister Janice our investigator came to church on Sunday!  She even brought her 3 week old baby with her to come to church.  She even stayed for Relief Society, and the nanay’s in our ward were super good to fellowship her, so hopefully she felt comfortable and will come back next week with her relatives too!!

So one other big news for the week was Transfer Day, and yes my companion was transferred.  And I got a new companion, like brand new, so I am his trainer, and he is a super cool Elder!! His name is Elder Ismael and he is from Kalibo Aklan, Philippines.  He is a small elder but super nice and ready to learn, so its not too hard at all to teach him how to do things because he is always wanting to learn.  He does struggle with English, like a lot, so I am doing my very best to help him out, and that is also helping out my Tagalog!! So that is always goodJ  So I got to go to Cabanatuan and stay the night on Thursday at the ZL’s house, then on Wednesday me and Elder Carling(the other trainer in Baler Zone) went and got training and met our new companions.  We then left on our adventure back to Baler, which took from just after 1 in the afternoon until after 9 at night;) hahaha it was quite the trip, but I got to know Elder Ismael real good, so it was fun!!
I was able to give another talk this week in Sacrament Meeting, and teach Elders Quorum, and play the piano, so ya I am always running all over the place trying to get everything organized in our branch;) Its a good time!!
Its been a solid week, and I have seriously learned so much from my anakJ There is so many things that I need to work on and do to become a better trainer, and person, and I am so thankful for this time to do it!
Thanks for all the emails!!
Elder Alldredge

Baptism of 12 year old Ashelle Infante

Kyle's first baptism in a river!

Elder Ismael, Ashelle & Elder Alldredge

Trainers and Trainees with President and Sister Clark.

Monday, June 12, 2017

We knew that Kyle would most likely be getting a new companion this week so while looking at the mission blog I found out that he is training this transfer.  It is fun to get any extra pictures of our missionary!

This past week has been SUPER exciting, and crazy, and a little disappointing, but hey it’ll be alrightJ 
So I’ll start off with the little disappointing part of the week to get it over withJ  So we were planning to have like 6 or 7 investigators at church right… And we were super pumped, doing everything that we could to find a way to help them go to church, and then on Saturday afternoon we got a call saying that church was in Baler because the whole Philippines had an Area Broadcast.  So of course because Baler is like a 100 peso trike ride, all but one of our investigators was not able to goL  But HEY its all good, because we KNOW FOR SURE that they will come to church this next week, and we are so excited to see them all at the church!!

Oh so the Philippines Area Broadcast, it was super cool and super spiritual!!  Elder Bednar was able to talk to us, and President Bowen, Shane S. Ardern, Lynn G. Robbins, and the Young womens President, I forgot her name sorry;)  So ya we had our own mini General Conference, it was super cool!! Elder Bednar is amazing and the spirit was so powerful when he spoke about the things we can do to become more strong in the church.  He told 3 things for us to work on:
First: FAITH in Jesus Christ-A couple things that he said that I really liked.  “Simply acting is not faith, but acting according to the gospel of Jesus Chris.t”  Another is that “Faith is not by chance, but by Choice” Also that the people with Joshua literally had to stand in the water to show their faith before the river parted.
Second: SACRIFICE-Be willing to give all for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Third: CONSECRATION-“We will not only be willing to die for the Gospel but also more importantly, willing to LIVE for the Gospel.”  Also he said “Living the Gospel and being obedient is not hard, but NOT living the Gospel and being obedient is hard.”  Also that making and keeping sacred covenants literally YOKES us to the Savior, we can’t be alone and we never will be if we continue to be faithful!!  So ya just a couple things he said that I really liked, I hope you like them too!

This week we also had a Zone Conference in Cabanatuan again!!!  So because we are the Zone in Baler we left on Tuesday afternoon to get to Cabanatuan by night time, to be ready for Zone Conference on Wednesday.  And it was an AMAZING zone conference!!! It was the Last Zone Conference of President and Sister Clark, so it was super sad!! But it was so spiritual and they truly are amazing people!! I know that President Clark is a BIG reason why I needed to be assigned here in the Philippines Angeles Mission!!!  He really has inspired me from my first day and will continue to inspire me until he leaves on July 2.  So we had a super solid conference with extra special testimonies given by President and Sister Clark, awesome stuff!!  Oh and I played the piano… againJ

So this week some super Crazy/Weird things happened!! 
1.I ate a DOG!!!! And I didn’t even know that it was a dog until later that day when a member had told me that it was dog, hahah I was madJ just cuz I really wanted a video or picture of me eating it…
2.I also ate a GOAT!!! Hahaha but this was by choice;)  It is called a Kambingan, and it is actually super good!
3.We had a District Activity this morning, early… And we went to the Lighthouse at the Beach, and watched the Sunrise!!!! Oh ya it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
4.One night we got caught in a heavy rainstorm, so we had to run all the way home;) hahah it was hilarious and we were drenched to the bone… yes mom we forgot our umbrellasJ
So its been a super solid week, and its good to be a missionaryJ
Thanks for all the emails!!!!

Elder Alldredge

Monday, June 5, 2017

This week has been a super good week!! 
And it started off super awesome last Tuesday when we had Interviews with President Clark, but that was our last interview with him:(  That is seriously the saddest thing ever!!! They are amazing people, they are so inspired and I love to listen to them, because I just get more and more pumped to be a better, more obedient, and happier missionary every time that they talk!!  The new Mission President, President Johnson will be here on July 2, so that will be interesting!  But the interview was amazing and I really learn so much from his answers to my questions, I LOVE THAT!!!  Then after the interview President took our Zone, the Baler Zone out to eat... special privileges in Baler;)  But they took us to a really good pizza place, where we all got Cow slices which were HUGE, and MASARAP!!! Its a rare day when I get to eat pizza, usually its just rice, so that was the best:)  

So a couple of weeks ago we got a referral from a member, and we have really been seeing some progression in them this past week!  It is Nanay Verginia and Sister Janice.  So Nanay Verginia told us that she really enjoyed reading the pamphlets and said that she felt something inside, like it just felt good and right, especially about The Plan of Salvation, the 3 questions of the soul really touched her. So we knew something good was happening. Then last week Janice had her baby but then we visited them on Friday, and we had an amazing lesson!! We brought into the lesson Nanay Adalina who is a really good old friend of Nanay Verginia, who were both Capitana before, and haven't seen each other in years. So they saw each other and they were really both super happy telling stories and things. Nanay Adalina is a very active Nanay and really is wanting to help us out with these investigators. So we shared and Verginia and Janice really responded super well, then at the end of the lesson, Elder Dolotina extended the Baptismal date, and they both said a very sincere "yes" it was AMAZING!!! She had told us before that the Iglesia church had invited her to be baptized, and she told them that she was a die hard Catholic, so we kind of expected the same answer, but she didn't say that at all!! She said yes and was asking all about how to get ready for that, like with going to church and stuff. So they told us that they will be going to church this next week because sister Janice only had a baby like a week ago, so she is still recovering. But we are so EXCITED for them!! They are really so sincere, and we are ready to help them get to church this next week!  This was a huge blessing and was seriously only possible because of the Spirit.  I am so thankful for the companionship of the Spirit as a missionary, we would be lost without it.  And also our investigators would never be able to feel the truth fullness of the gospel without the Spirit.  That is why we always need the "Third Chair" as missionaries, it is the most important part for an investigator to really become Converted...

 We had 3 Investigators at church, which was a little bit of a letdown, but don't worry that will go up FOR SURE next week!! Me and my companion are super excited because we are working hard to help lots of people come to church, and I think that next sunday is the day where it will be more!  Ok so idk if you know, or remember, or are experiencing the missionary feeling on Sunday before church, but let me tell you it is INTENSE!!! It seriously can be devastating when they don't end up coming to church, and then when an investigator does come, it is seriously like pure joy for that person!! It really might be my favorite thing ever, seeing an investigator walking in the doors of the meeting house, I can't stop smiling for those investigators the whole time at church, I LOVE THAT!!!
We also have an oven in our apartment, which is like the only one in the mission.  So one elder got a package of brownies and gave them to us to cook for District meeting.  So we baked up some brownies!!! The second batch was super delicious and the District loved the brownies.  But the first batch failed because I didn't even think that the oven would be in Celcius!! So i cranked that thing up to 270 which was the highest it would go... I was really thinking why does it only go up to 270 thats so low!! But after about 5 minutes, i could smell why... hahah my companion and i then realized that the oven degrees was Celcius, hahahaha:) PALPAK!!! haha
So its been a really good week!!!
I hope ya'll had a fun week and smiled lots:):):):):)):):):):))):)
Elder Alldredge

President & Sister Clark treated the Baler Zone to pizza after interviews!

Here is Kyle with his "frisbee" brownies.  He forgot that the stove temps were in Celsius and set it to 270 degrees, which would be 518 degrees Fahrenheit.

Walking around Maria Aurora

Looks like Sunday School?

Nachos for breakfast on P-day.  They are excited it wasn't rice!