Monday, March 12, 2018

This week was another solid hard working week, busy talaga!!
Some of the highlights ,
I had Exchanges with Elder Moore and Elder Mondares.  We stayed in my area Palayan for both exchanges, and we had some awesome lessons, and talked to a lot of people...  The coolest lesson was probably with the ReyesDote family.  Me and Elder Mondares were at there front gate and their house was way back, but we really felt to OYM it, so we yelled "TAO PO!!" Which in direct English translation means "People(respectfully:)" haha sometimes English just makes things way harder;)  But then we taught them all about eternal families, they told us they have never heard anyone say about an eternal wedding, which is always so cool!! And they were both super happy to hear it, sister was beaming, so we are hoping and praying that they will continue to listen!!

We gave Tatay Abelino Sawasi a polo, slacks, and a tie.  He looked so good, it was super awesome, but i didn't get a picture... sorry:)  But he got so many compliments from members it was awesome!

Also a 7/11 opened up in our area, we are getting pretty high up now here in Palayan;)
Sorry for the short email!!!
But love ya'll, thank you for being you... cuz you are the best!!!
Elder Alldredge
FHE with the Sawasi Family!  The winners of the games draw on the losers faces!

Monday, March 5, 2018

This week was a work hard all day every day week.... It wasn't quite the most exciting ever, but it was solid!!  It is one of the best feelings ever to come home after a long hard day of work, and your feet are killing, but you know you did a lot of good in that day.  Even though sometimes we aren't able to teach as much as we would like, we talk to a TON of people, cuz thats how missionary work gets done!! Also i saw a quote from President Uchtdorf he said "Your missionary task is to share your beliefs and to not be afraid."  To Fear God over fearing man, and that is how i have found to truly connect with the Spirit, when I am following God's will for me through opening my mouth to everyone.  

As for a story this week, we had invited the Labiano family to go to church throughout the week, but weren't able to teach because Tatay wasn't there.  But we went on Sunday morning to remind them to come, and as we were singing the opening hymn, in they walk:) That is just about the best ever!!! Thats what I call faith!!  Then we taught them after church about eternal families, they want it for their family, so we are PUMPED for them, so excited to help that wish become true for them.  Because to be honest no one else truly believes in eternal families.  They usually say they do when we ask them, but their religion does not believe that... So we are teaching boldly with scriptures and letting people know that there is only one way, and that is through Christ, and his Gospel.  Its super fun to follow the spirit by testifying Boldly about our believes, not being afraid at all...:)
Love ya'll!!!
Elder Alldredge

Monday, February 26, 2018

This week ended off with a BANG with Interviews with President Johnson!! I love interviews with him, because he just like pours out wisdom and amazing personal quotes and scriptures, and he is so inspired.  One thing he said that I liked... "Baptisms is one measure of success, but not THE measure of success, the REAL measure of success is Who you have Become..." There were so many other things i learned from him, and I am thankful for an AWESOME mission president!!!

Me and Elder Tupuola went on exchanges this week and found 10 new investigators highlighted with the Ortega couple... As we talked to them, they were so nice, but they also shared with us their beliefs about how they go to church but know that it isn't true... Some of the things she said were... "they were baptized when they were babies, and she doesn't believe they had any sins then... also how she wishes the prayers weren't recited... and she went on and on.  Then we were able to testify to her of a church that has all those things she wanted.  That really is true and she can know for herself through asking God through a prayer from her heart... It was super cool, and SOO spiritual!!!  I am thankful for people that have open hearts to listen and will act on what we share.  I am also thankful to be a representative of Jesus Christ and His restored church, I KNOW its true, and there is no where i'd rather be...:) 

As for the Sawasi family, Tatay is AMAZING!!!  He went without cigarettes on Thursday and Friday, this was the FIRST time in over 30 years that he did that... He had only 1 on Saturday and pulled another 0 on Sunday:) We are SOOOO excited for Tatay Abelino Sawasi, he has super faith, and MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING!!!  But he needs help on prayers, so thanks for the help:) He and his family will be baptized in March, as he keeps getting rid of those cigarettes... The Gospel truly changes lives, its the best, i love it!
Love, Elder Alldredge

Monday, February 19, 2018

This week has has changed me and will change the rest of my mission.  I learned some things that are amazing, and I realized lots of things that I can improve on.  It was because of MLC and Zone Conference this week.  They talked all about becoming "The One" for a person, and for a family.  President Johnson taught us all about how, and what we were literally all lacking on, and I learned so much and our work is changing because of it!! Me and my companion are happier because of our focus on teaching families... We are really having success finding by doing this and literally talking to every possible family, that we can see.  So cool to see the progress when we follows counsel of leaders!!

Me and Elder Guia also had an experience on Saturday that will change my mission and probably my life forever, its not too crazy insane, but it made me realize something that is so COOL!!!!  
So we were walking down the street, after being punted on our appointment, and Elder Guia saw this dude maybe in his 30's at his wooden hut house, down off the road a bit.  He asked if we could introduce ourselves and even though he looked angry, and not a nice man he said we could come down and introduce ourselves.  As we began to introduce ourselves and ask about his life, he totally opened up to us.  He started telling us about his life, how hard it was, how his wife left him, how he had so many sins and he didn't know what to do.  So we shared with him about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, about Repentance, about Change, about Forgiveness... It might have been one of the very most powerful spiritual lessons in my entire mission.  He told us that he just wanted to "bawas" or take away some of his sins so he could feel more peace.  Then I testified to him that through Christ not only some of those sins can be taken away, but ALL of them, that he could become completely clean, because of Jesus Christ.  I was seriously so filled with the Spirit, and we knew he was feeling it too, he was tearing up pretty bad, and was super quiet.  We left him an invitation to pray to God, to ask for forgiveness, and to do everything that he could to make right what he did wrong, and to never do it again.  With tears in his eyes, he told us he would... Then he prayed, and it was such a sincere prayer... As we left brother Loloy had a big smile on his face, he was basically a totally different man than only 20 minutes earlier... That was because of an obtainment of knowledge, the knowledge that God loves him and is there for him... We were basically speechless about all that had happened, and we were so thankful that we found brother Loloy... 

As we were walking a few minutes after this lesson, we walked passed a man sitting in his chair in his yard in front of his house.  He looked sad, he looked confused, as we were about 2 houses passed his house, i told Elder Guia, we need to go talk to that guy.  So we went back and asked to introduce ourselves, he said we could introduce ourselves but nothing else, because he has a religion that doesn't allow them to listen to other faiths or beliefs... He told us sorry and was super nice about it, but we could tell that he had a big problem, he was not happy at all, and he needed help.  After we left me and Elder Guia came to an amazing realization for us... 

Every single person has problems in life, every single person needs to know of Christ's sacrifice for them, every single person needs to feel forgiveness, needs peace, and needs hope through Christ...  But not every person will receive this good news, some will reject it, and they will be left to deal with their problems alone.  When we compared the 2 men that we met, they both had problems, they both needed help, we talked to both of them, but were only able to share these amazing truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with one of them.  We as members are SO LUCKY!!! Can you imagine being that one man not knowing that Christ suffered for him?? Or can you imagine being left to deal with all problems in our life, alone without the help of a perfect Savior who knows EVERYTHING we are experiencing?? To be honest, I can't imagine what it would be like... I honestly don't want to imagine what it would be like... But I came to the realization, that I don't want anyone to have to feel like that, the feeling of loneliness, no one deserves that... This is why I am here, to Preach Repentance, to let people know of Jesus Christ, and the peace that comes through him... Just like it says in PMG "Bringing our Lives in line with God's will through Repentance, is the central purpose of our lives."  And I am a missionary here in the best mission in the world;) to share to people the how of that... Its so good to be a missionary!!! So I will for the rest of my mission talk to everyone i can, to share this message of hope through Jesus Christ to all the people i can here in the Philippines!!!
Thanks for all the letters and prayers!!!

Love, Elder Alldredge
Kyle's study desk at the apartment

Batch picture - Sister Bandoy is leaving this transfer (she is the last of the Sisters to go from Kyle's batch)

Monday, February 12, 2018

I just want to say how thankful I am to be assigned here in the Philippines.  The people here are SOOO Nice!!! Sometimes too nice like my mission President says, it can also be hard, because they are sometimes too nice to say no even when they don't want to listen to us.  But This week I had a first... We were on exchanges in Dingalan and we were sharing to him about prayer, we were asking him about what his beliefs about prayer are, and how he prays to God.  After one of my questions he stood up suddenly and said "Ang Dami kayong tanong!!" Or "you have a ton of questions..." And he walked out of the room.  First Walk Out lesson in my whole mission...:)  We came to know after that, that he was a little drunk so his mind wasn't all right, so it was actually our fault for not figuring that out earlier.  But after that, I then realized how amazing the Filipinos are.  Because of one person rejecting I realized again that these people are incredibly nice people, they are a respectful people, and I hope that it has rubbed off on me and will continue to do so in my time here.  So i love Filipinos and the Philippines!!

Another miracle i saw this week is about the Sawasi Family.  They are so progressing it is making me so excited for them!  This week Tatay didn't drink Alcohol even once!! MIRACLE!!! This week Tatay went from almost a whole pack of cigarettes to 3 sticks on Saturday and none on Sunday!  MIRACLE!!! I cant wait for this family to be baptized.  They were all at church on sunday at their countenance was a testimony builder to me.  From what I remember of Tatay before he did not look at all like he did on sunday, he has changed so much, that whole family was sitting in the seats in sacrament meeting, and they basically look like a member family... MIRACLE!!!

The last thing for today was about a Baptismal Interview on Saturday.  I interviewed a girl, Shane who lives in Bongabon and one thing she shared with me seriously strengthened my testimony.  I asked her to share her testimony with me, then she said "the one thing that has stuck out to me more that all else is the Gospel of Jesus Christ." I then asked why and she said "Because the Gospel will change anyone's life who truly understands it, just like it has changed mine.  She then said I just wish everyone would have the chance to know the Gospel"  She is so missionary minded, and i believe every word that she said, I know the Gospel changes lives, I have seen it SO many times here in the mission, its so true.  I know that with all that i am!!
Thanks for all the emails, LOVE YA'LL!!!

Elder Alldredge

The banana tree

Kyle putting on a way too small levi jacket, shoulda been a cowboy pala :)
Decked out trike!

Monday, February 5, 2018

First off I didn't get transferred:) Me and Elder Guia are starting our 3rd transfer together here in Palayan, and while this week wasn't quite as successful, and not quite as many miracles as last week, is was still a fun/solid week!!

So I want to share something I learned this week.  We were sharing to a Less Active member family.  And before we started the lesson their little kid who is like 2 years old, was trying to put on his shirt.  Because everybody waits till we come to put clothes on their little kids;)  But anyways he was trying to put it on and he kept saying "Kaya ko ito!!!" In English, "I can do this!!!"  He said this maybe 10 times while he was arranging his shirt to put it over his head.  We were all just watching because it was so cool and funny to watch.  He finally gave the shirt to his dad and he helped him out.  Me and my companion talked about how cool that was afterwards.  The Faith of a little kid is really Amazing!!  He tried and tried telling himself that he could do it, even after many times failing.  Then he asked his Father for help.  Its kinda like us we can try and try and try, and fail sometimes, succeed a few times, but without the help of a Father in Heaven we cannot truly succeed.  I learned from little Jacob the 2 year old this past week, that Kaya ko Lahat!!! We can do anything with our Heavenly Father, he is there to help us, he loves us so much.  I am so grateful that I have better came to know of his love here on my mission.  My Father in Heaven Loves me.  And he loves me so much, he will help me with whatever I need, just like little Jacob and his Father.

Some of our investigators are struggling with their concerns, especially with the WoW, but we are working with them and are doing all we can to help them out.  There are improvements, its not all at once, but Tatay Sawasi and Bernard really have a desire to change, Satan just is really working on them with all his might.  But we know miracles are coming in their lives.  We know it will take a little time, but the good will always over come the evil... I know that for a fact!!!

Sorry this email isn't quite as exciting a last weeks:)  Its kinda hard to beat D Day of Miracles like last week...  But we will strive for that to happen again this week!!

We also had a super fun Zone Activity last P-day, we had a Boodle fight, or eating off palm tree leaves with our hands:) Then we played some Filipino games and some basketball, it was a Partay!!!
Oh and btw my batch of Sisters are gone now:( Weird stuff!!!
Thanks for all the prayers!
Love, Elder Alldredge

Monday, January 29, 2018

This week was a faith building week, a miracle week with an especially awesome Miracle Day yesterday.  I now have a stronger testimony about when our faith is being tried, when the work isn't quite as successful as I would like, to work even harder, to strive to be more obedient, and the miracle is there waiting.  Me and Elder Guia totally experienced that this past week. 

D' Day of Miracles-This day started off with me and Elder Guia having a goal of 14 ISM's.  We were praying for it a bunch saturday and sunday for that to happen.  Because the past couple weeks, we thought we would have a high ISM, and our investigators to come to church but we only got a few.  So that is the trial, but yesterday we felt good about the goal, and about the investigators that said they would go to church.  So we got up and got ready faster than usual, and went walking around visiting all our investigators.  It started out with lots of No's... About 5 investigators that couldn't come to church, or weren't at their house.  But then we took a trike to our other investigators and picked up 3 of them.  Then we went to the church.  Sacrament meeting started and a couple members brought a few more investigators, until we had 6, but we were still hoping/praying for more to be able to come.  Then I saw the Sawasi family pull in on their trike, oh i was SO HAPPY!!! So we were up to 9... We thought well we didn't get the goal, but it is still a SUPER SOLID day, with lots of investigators at church.  Then while singing the sacrament hymn, in walks an inactive sister with 5 family members with her.  We didn't know them so we asked who they were and those 5 with the sister were not members pala.  So we taught them after church and they are really awesome, the lesson was super spiritual!! 9+5=14!!! We had hit our goal, I know it was because of prayer, prayer is so powerful, and I am so thankful for all of our investigators and their faith to come to church.  It was also the VERY MOST church attendance yesterday in my whole time here in Palayan City at 124.  Sacrament meeting was so exciting and happy, because basically all the chairs were filled, and i especially felt the spirit when we sand Love at Home for the closing hymn, it was powerful & miracle filled church meeting!!! 

D' Day of Miracles yesterday was not over just there. So last week I told you about Bernard, and how he was struggling so much because of his wife leaving with his kids.  Then we blessed him, and he felt very at peace, him having HUGE faith in the blessing and the power of the Priesthood, which he has come to know through prayer that the Priesthood is real and true.  So I believe because of his faith, and everything he is doing right now to follow Christ, a Miracle happened.  His wife finally contacted him for the first time in over a month, she wants to come back to him, the plan was February 10 at first, then it moved up to February 6, and now she is coming back tomorrow:) He is SOOO excited to see his wife and kids again.  He also told us yesterday "Magpapabinyag ako!!"  Or i will be baptized!! Then he said and "I will bring my wife to church too!!"  Miracles are real, I know that for a fact, this is God's work, and his hands are all over it.  Bernard is changing, and yes he may not be ready yet to be baptized, but he is getting there, and he is happy now because he is following Christ.  The miracles of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ are incomparable talaga... 

I feel like this whole week was all about Families, kinda like a Family Week.  We have been teaching lots of families lately and it is seriously the best ever, its so much more spiritual when you can teach an entire family, and tell them about how they can be an eternal family.  So we had another miracle about families.  So on Saturday morning while planning for the day, i wrote in my planner on the ToDo List: #FINDFAMILYTOGOTOTEMPLEIN2019  because for some reason me and my companion like to write lots of stuff in the ToDo List that are funny and push us to work harder.  So we walked basically the whole morning and then i remembered a place i had seen close to our focus area that i have never been to.  So i told Elder Guia that is where the family is that is going to the temple in 2019.  So we OYM'd a couple people with really no interest in what we said.  Then we saw a couple making rugs in front of their house, so we talked to them, taught them about God's plan for them to be an eternal family, we are teaching them again later at 6:00.  So idk if it is just a coincidence that they were the famliy we found on the day we made that goal or not, but I believe it is part of God's plan as well, cuz its all part of the plan:)
So as you can tell its been an awesome week!!! I was just super excited to tell you about it all this week;)  so there you go another long email... hahaha
Palayan is an awesome place, and we are really happy here!
Hopefully i don't leave this place this week with Transfers...:(
Oh and also don't forget, "A verse a day keeps Satan away" its from my companion Elder Guia:)
Love ya'll!!!
Elder Alldredge

Our dinner - Empenadas and french toast

Gospel Principles class - I think there were more investigators than members :)

Day of Miracles KI's